Imagine if every person at your company could walk a marathon every two weeks… One marathon per pay check.

With the 5260 Steps Program – It can be done

Only when we are challenged, do we know what’s possible.

After struggling with Atrial Fibrillation and embarking on a weight loss journey to remake myself into a healthy, vibrant achiever, I started to ask new questions that we all miss.

Instead of asking “What will I get to eat today?” and “What will I do today?” or “Where am I going today?”, I became a Deliberate person, conscious of all of my own choices in every aspect of my life. I began to ask “What is the best thing to do right now to meet my goals?” and “What is the ideal thing for me to eat?”

Instead of asking “What do I need to do for a workout now?” and “How much do I have to exercise?” I began to ask “What is the optimal amount of every movement and every step?”

And most importantly, realizing I was far from my optimal state and youthful vigor in that moment, I asked “How can I be a better me today, and improve just a little more over yesterday?”

It wasn’t instant, or overnight. The first few weeks were a struggle. Psychologically traumatized by my hospitalizations, I wore sunglasses as though in hiding. I quietly went to the juice bar and walked inconspicuously around the block. But because I had asked the question, I kept going. And I realized, it wasn’t heavy workout that we are all missing to get us on track, or even (in the first few days) an extreme diet. We need a plan. We need a consistent requirement that we turn ourselves over to. And we just need to put in a little time, the freedom to embrace what we need in our selves to improve ourselves. Within a few weeks, I was walking 3000 steps a day, on my goal of meeting the vaunted 10,000 steps a day ideal. And I realized that this is hard. I had the luxury of not being locked in to a company’s schedule… I had my own. So, I knew that if we as humans need 10,000 steps a day, then most of us, who aren’t ready to run 6 miles at once to start or end our day, need to get a head start at work.


Then one day…

Then one day…

over the course of an eight hour work day, I look at my step count at 5 o’clock one afternoon. It read 5260. And something hit me. I looked up from the iPhone I use to measure my steps, knowing with my evening walk on town lake I would make 10,000 steps. And on that walk, I started to do some math, which I always do to pass the time when I walk and swim. Sometimes I count how far I’ve gone, or I divide how far I have left to go in to fractions. Then I wondered how many steps were in a marathon. With the 5260 steps from the workday still in my head, it hit me again. With an average of 2000 steps in a mile, in 10 days, during the work day alone, by repeating that day again, I would have gone 26.3 miles… A marathon in 10 working days. And the good news, I realized, is that it only takes a few breaks a day of 10-15 minutes, cleverly spaced, for most people to get in their 5260 steps, and take a huge leap toward wellness and improved productivity and more satisfying lives.

I hope you and everyone you work with at your company can join us.

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